ServiceNow Enhances Process Mining Capabilities With UltimateSuite Acquisition


ServiceNow has made a significant move by acquiring Czech Republic task mining company UltimateSuite. This acquisition will provide ServiceNow with enhanced capabilities to capture and understand the flow of work within a business, marking a significant step forward for the company.

Key Takeaway

ServiceNow’s acquisition of UltimateSuite enhances its process mining capabilities, enabling the company to gain deeper insights into workflow inefficiencies and take action to streamline business processes.

Exploring Task Mining and Process Mining

Task mining, a crucial component of process mining, is gaining traction in the global market as it enables companies to gain insights into how work flows through an organization. By identifying bottlenecks, companies can streamline their operations and improve efficiency. This acquisition places ServiceNow in a stronger position within the competitive landscape, especially considering the success of leading startups like Celonis, which has raised significant funding and achieved a high valuation.

Empowering Business Processes

Eduardo Chiocconi, VP and GM for process mining at ServiceNow, emphasized the significance of the acquisition, highlighting the company’s previous limitations in understanding individual user tasks within workflows. With the addition of UltimateSuite’s task mining capabilities, ServiceNow aims to empower businesses to build more efficient processes and take action to address inefficiencies.

Integration and Future Plans

ServiceNow plans to integrate UltimateSuite’s functionality into its existing process mining capabilities, ensuring a seamless and unified platform for its customers. Chiocconi emphasized the company’s commitment to organically integrating acquired capabilities to deliver increased value to its customers. This strategic approach aligns with ServiceNow’s previous acquisitions involving AI and automation, further solidifying its position as a leader in workflow and process optimization.

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