Senator Warren Criticizes Apple For Blocking Beeper’s IMessage To Android Solution


U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is voicing her support for Beeper, a messaging app that enabled Android users to message iPhone users through iMessage. In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Warren questioned Apple’s decision to restrict a competitor and raised concerns about the security of “green bubble texts.” This move by Apple has drawn the attention of legislators, who may seek to regulate Big Tech through policy.

Key Takeaway

Senator Elizabeth Warren criticizes Apple for blocking Beeper, an app that allowed Android users to send messages to iPhone users via iMessage. She questions Apple’s motivation behind restricting competition and emphasizes the importance of secure communication between different platforms.

Last Friday, Apple took action against Beeper, a startup that had reverse engineered the iMessage protocol to enable Android users to have blue bubble conversations with iPhone users. Apple justified its decision by stating that it had blocked techniques that exploited fake credentials to protect user security. Apple alleged that Beeper’s techniques posed risks to user privacy, including potential metadata exposure and the facilitation of unwanted messages, spam, and phishing attacks.

Apple further argued that Beeper’s security measures were inadequate, as the company could not verify the maintenance of end-to-end encryption for messages sent through unauthorized means. Beeper claims that it offers the same level of encryption as iMessage, but it did not undergo a third-party security audit before its launch.

Despite Apple’s actions, Beeper is determined to find a solution and continue its operations. Beeper’s team has been working on resolving the outage, and they hope to share positive news soon. The startup, founded by Eric Migicovsky, the creator of Pebble smartwatch, initially focused on bringing iMessage to Android through its app, Beeper Mini, which required a subscription fee of $1.99 per month. However, Apple’s identification methods have hindered Beeper’s ability to operate.

Apple’s decision has sparked a debate about the competition in the messaging app market and the control exerted by Big Tech companies. With Senator Warren’s support, Beeper’s case may gain traction and further scrutiny from policymakers seeking to regulate the practices of dominant technology companies.

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