Beeper Abandons Mission To Bring IMessage To Android After Apple’s Interference


Beeper has announced that it is abandoning its efforts to bring iMessage to Android after a month-long struggle with Apple’s constant interference. The company has stated that it will not be rolling out any further workarounds after the latest one was thwarted by Apple.

Key Takeaway

Beeper has decided to end its endeavors to bring iMessage to Android following ongoing challenges from Apple. The company’s latest workaround, involving a jailbroken iPhone and a Mac or Linux computer, underscores the complexities and limitations faced in making iMessage available on non-Apple platforms.

Struggle with Apple

Beeper’s attempts to make iMessage available on Android have been continuously challenged by Apple. The company has been forced to issue a series of complex workarounds, culminating in the latest solution, which involves owning or renting a jailbroken iPhone and using a Mac or Linux computer.

The Latest Workaround

The new workaround requires users to own or rent a jailbroken iPhone and a Mac or Linux computer. They need to install a Beeper tool to generate an iMessage registration code, then update to the latest Beeper Mini app and enter the code. The iPhone must be left plugged into power and connected to Wi-Fi at all times.

Complications and Impact

This complex process significantly detracts from Beeper’s original appeal, which was to provide an easy way to access iMessage on Android. The company acknowledges that the latest fix is something that Apple may “tolerate,” but it is clear that the ongoing efforts to block Beeper may lead to the service being shut down altogether.

Apple’s Response

Apple did not respond to requests for comment on Beeper’s latest announcement. The company’s continued actions to block Beeper Mini are being increasingly questioned, with some suggesting that it may be driven by a desire to limit competition and maintain exclusivity of iMessage on Apple devices.

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