Screenly Launches Edge Apps To Simplify Building Interactive Apps For Digital Signage


Screenly, the digital signage platform used by top companies like Amazon, NASA, and Lowe’s, is making it even easier for developers to build applications for its platform with the introduction of Edge Apps. Unlike web-based content, these new Edge Apps can run directly on the device, ensuring they operate even when the internet is down. Additionally, running locally reduces load times and latency.

“At Screenly, we’ve successfully managed screens at scale for over a decade, solving all the complexities that come with it,” said Viktor Petersson, CEO of Screenly. “With Edge Apps, we enable developers to focus on crafting their applications using familiar web tools, while we handle device management, security patches, and other intricacies. This enables businesses to reduce costs and speed up their time to market.”

The launch of Edge Apps is in response to customer demand for a better way to build complex and resilient applications, as well as the ability to work with local hardware, such as sensors and printers.

Key Takeaway

Screenly’s new Edge Apps platform empowers developers to concentrate on building applications, while the company takes care of app distribution, device management, the operating system, and security functions. By leveraging their existing web development skills, developers can easily create interactive apps that are both user-friendly for beginners and as dependable as traditional desktop apps.

According to Petersson, developers can use their existing web development skills to write Edge Apps and can also utilize serverless tools like Cloudflare Workers and AWS Lambda. The company has created demo apps to help developers get started and showcase the platform’s capabilities.

“Our platform offers an easier learning experience compared to many others,” explained Petersson. “It is designed to be user-friendly for beginners, yet as dependable as a traditional desktop app.”

Screenly has established itself as one of the most secure digital signage platforms in the industry and has now opened up its screen platform to developers, allowing them to take advantage of its robust infrastructure and expertise.

With the launch of Edge Apps, Screenly continues to push the boundaries of digital signage, making it simpler and more accessible for developers to create interactive applications that enhance the digital signage experience.

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