Samsung Unveils Galaxy Ring At MWC, Entering The Smart Ring Market


After a brief tease at the end of its big Galaxy S24 event earlier this month, Samsung officially debuted the Galaxy Ring this morning at MWC. The earlier announcement offered little more than an image and confirmation that the hardware giant is entering that emerging corner of the wearable tech space.

Key Takeaway

Samsung’s entry into the smart ring market with the Galaxy Ring is seen as a validation of the category, driving competition to aim higher and serve the community better.

Reactions from Competition

Following the Unpacked presser, the competition sent unsolicited reactions to the news. Oura CEO Tom Hale noted, “New players entering the space is validation for the category and drives us to aim higher to serve our members and community. Circular cofounder and CEO Amaury Kosman stated, “We’re really pleased that Samsung has announced that it will be bringing the Samsung Galaxy Ring to market later this year.”

Impact on Existing Market Share

Samsung’s entry will unquestionably eat into existing market share, but in Oura’s case, at least, this is confirmation that something is working. The company isn’t a household name, but it’s big enough to effectively be synonymous with the smart ring category for many consumers. Oura may come out of this stronger.

Health Offerings and Positioning

Samsung is emphasizing its health offerings with the Galaxy Ring. The ring form factor limits functionality versus a smartwatch, but its positioning on the finger makes it well-placed to offer rich activity and sleep metrics. Samsung is uniquely positioned to undertake this with one of the largest, most diverse connected device ecosystems.

Integration with Samsung Health

The Galaxy Ring builds atop the health offerings Samsung has built via its smartphones and the popular Galaxy Watch line. Samsung is connecting different devices and partner solutions within one cohesive platform, making it simpler to track health conditions on a Galaxy wearable.

Future Release and Features

The rings on display at the event are prototypes, though the product is slated to arrive at some point later this year. On-board sensors measure heart rate, movement, and breathing to create a cross-section of the wearer’s health and sleep patterns. The Galaxy Ring will offer personalized health insights based on multiple factors including Sleep, Activity, Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability.

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