Samsung Expands Self-Repair Program To Cover 50 Devices, Including Foldables


Since the launch of its self-repair program in August 2022, Samsung has been continuously expanding its coverage to include a wide range of devices. The latest update brings the total number of supported products to 50, encompassing various devices such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops, monitors, soundbars, and even a projector.

Key Takeaway

Samsung’s expansion of its self-repair program to cover 50 devices, including foldables, reflects a commitment to enhancing accessibility for repairs and providing users with more options for maintaining and servicing their devices.

Adding 14 New Devices and Parts Options

The recent upgrade includes 14 new devices, notably the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Tab S9 series, the Galaxy Book 2 series, and the Freestyle 2 projector. Moreover, Samsung has also introduced additional parts options, such as speakers, SIM trays, side keys, volume buttons, displays, charging ports, back glass, and more for its various devices.

Partnerships and Access to Tools

Samsung has collaborated with Encompass Supply Chain Solutions to provide a more favorable deal on components. Additionally, the company has established a multi-year partnership with iFixit, a DIY repair service, to enhance accessibility to tools and parts. This approach aligns with Google’s strategy, emphasizing accessibility for repairs.

Comparison with Apple’s Repair Policies

Notably, Samsung’s approach stands in contrast to Apple’s policies, particularly the controversial ‘parts-pairing’ practice, which ties a component’s serial number to the phone, making it challenging to use third-party components. This difference has been a point of contention in the context of right to repair legislation, with states like Oregon seeking to address such practices.

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