Russian Hacker Mikhail Matveev Trolls The U.S. Government With FBI Most Wanted Poster T-Shirt


In a bold and audacious move, Russian hacker Mikhail Matveev, also known as “Wazawaka” and “Boriselcin,” is openly taunting the U.S. government by creating a T-shirt featuring his own FBI most wanted poster. Matveev, who is indicted for carrying out significant cyber attacks against U.S. companies and critical infrastructure, seems to revel in his notoriety. The hacker, who remains in Russia and unlikely to face extradition, even offered the T-shirt as merchandise to his followers on Twitter.

Key Takeaway

Russian hacker Mikhail Matveev, one of the FBI’s most wanted cybercriminals, is openly taunting the U.S. government by creating a T-shirt featuring his own most wanted poster. Despite facing serious charges, Matveev remains unbothered and continues to engage in online activities, further brazenly challenging the authorities.

A Prominent Cybercriminal

The U.S. government has accused Matveev of being a prolific ransomware affiliate responsible for various high-profile attacks. He is allegedly involved in the development and deployment of notorious ransomware variants, including Hive, LockBit, and Babuk. His actions have earned him a position on the FBI’s most wanted hackers list, making him a prime target for law enforcement agencies.

The T-Shirt Taunt

Matveev’s latest antics involve him creating a T-shirt featuring his own FBI most wanted poster. He proudly displayed the T-shirt on Twitter, asking his followers if they were interested in purchasing it. The move is a clear act of defiance and mockery towards the U.S. government’s attempts to bring him to justice.

When questioned about his actions, Matveev verified his identity by providing evidence that matched his description on the FBI’s most wanted page. However, he refused to answer any further questions, expressing disdain over being referred to as a “hacker.” Matveev insisted that he and his associates are a separate type of specialist, driven solely by financial motivations.

An Unfazed Cybercriminal

Despite being on the FBI’s most wanted list, Matveev appears unfazed and continues to live his life in Russia without consequences. He regularly engages in online activities, such as giving interviews to cybersecurity journalists, posting selfie videos of himself listening to Metallica while driving, and openly discussing his hacking activities.

Matveev’s carefree attitude and disregard for the consequences suggest that he is confident in his ability to remain out of reach from U.S. law enforcement. As long as he stays within Russian borders, he believes he is beyond the grasp of the American authorities.

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