Roku Requires Users To Consent To New Terms Before Accessing Devices


Roku users were surprised this week when they discovered that they were required to agree to new dispute resolution terms in order to access their devices. The devices became unusable until the users consented to the new terms.

Key Takeaway

Roku users were surprised to find their devices rendered unusable until they consented to new dispute resolution terms. The forced arbitration agreement and the additional steps in the informal dispute resolution section have sparked frustration among users.

Forced Arbitration Agreement

Users received an email notifying them about changes to the Dispute Resolution Terms, including a forced arbitration agreement that prevents them from suing or participating in lawsuits against Roku. This agreement limits the users’ recourse in case of any disputes.

Informal Dispute Resolution Section

Upon reviewing the terms, users found a new “Informal Dispute Resolution” section, which mandates individuals with legal complaints to first approach Roku’s lawyers for a “Meet-and-Confer” call before receiving a resolution offer. This additional step further distances legal threats from taking effect.

Device Accessibility

Users expressed frustration as the devices were inaccessible until they agreed to the new terms. Some users accidentally agreed to the terms while attempting to find an alternative, highlighting the lack of options for users.

Opting Out

Users who wish to opt out of the new terms have a limited window of 30 days from the date the terms came into effect. They are required to send a written notice to Roku’s General Counsel, including specific details about the product and contact information.

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