Robinhood Expanding Efforts In Crypto Space To Attract More Users


Robinhood, the popular investing app, is making significant strides in the world of cryptocurrency. The company, which has been in existence for over a decade, is now aiming to broaden its crypto offerings to appeal to a wider audience, including those with a more technical understanding of digital assets.

Key Takeaway

Robinhood is actively broadening its crypto offerings to cater to a wider spectrum of users, from beginners to more advanced investors, as it seeks to adapt to the evolving landscape of digital assets.

Embracing a Broader User Base

Johann Kerbrat, Robinhood’s general manager of crypto, emphasized the platform’s commitment to catering to a diverse range of users. While acknowledging that the crypto industry has historically been geared towards technical individuals, Kerbrat stressed the importance of making crypto more accessible to all users, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

Robinhood has already made significant strides in onboarding novice crypto investors through educational resources. Now, the platform is looking to further expand its capabilities to accommodate more advanced users. This includes enabling features such as transferring funds to its crypto wallet and utilizing advanced trading tools like stop-loss orders.

Research and Adaptation

Despite not being as specialized as other crypto-focused platforms, Robinhood is actively engaging in research to better understand the evolving needs and preferences of its customers. By doing so, the company aims to bridge the gap between the technical intricacies of crypto and the everyday user experience.

Challenges and Opportunities

Robinhood’s foray into the crypto space has not been without its challenges. The company faced regulatory constraints, leading to limitations on the trading and holding of certain cryptocurrencies for U.S. customers earlier this year. However, Robinhood still offers a selection of 14 cryptocurrencies and the USDC stablecoin for users to buy and sell.

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