Quora’s Poe Introduces An AI Chatbot Creator Economy


Quora’s AI chatbot platform, Poe, is shaking up the notion of what it means to be a “creator.” While we typically associate creators with content on social media platforms like TikTok or YouTube, Quora’s latest initiative aims to reward bot creators for their efforts. This pioneering program, which launched last week, is among the first of its kind.

Key Takeaway

Quora’s Poe is pioneering a new way to reward bot creators, offering them opportunities to generate income through revenue-sharing and per-message fees.

Earning Opportunities for Bot Creators

Bot creators on Poe now have two ways to generate income. The first method involves sharing a portion of the revenue with the bot’s creator when a user subscribes to Poe through the bot. This immediate revenue sharing model encourages creators to develop engaging and effective bots. The second method, which will be available soon, allows bot creators to set a per-message fee. Quora will then pay the creator for every message sent via the bot.

Poe’s Evolution and Growth

Poe was first introduced by Quora to the public in February as a chatbot app, enabling users to ask questions and receive answers from various AI chatbots, including those from OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google-backed Anthropic. Beyond providing a platform for users to experiment with AI technologies, Poe’s content is also expected to contribute to the evolution of Quora’s Q&A site. Once Poe’s content meets the required quality standard, it will be distributed across Quora, potentially reaching its massive monthly visitor base of 400 million.

The chatbot market has been experiencing rapid growth, and Poe is no exception. Since its public launch, Poe’s mobile app has garnered over 18.4 million installs, with nearly 1.22 million monthly active users. However, it’s important to note that these figures only represent in-app purchases and may not reflect all interactions with Poe, as some users may access the chatbot platform via the web.

Empowering Smaller Companies and Research Groups

Quora’s creator monetization program aims to empower smaller companies and AI research groups that may lack the resources to build their own chatbot applications. This program allows these entities to create bots that can reach the public and potentially generate revenue. It also serves as a means for Poe to attract new subscribers to its chatbot app, functioning similarly to an affiliate program. By onboarding new subscribers, Poe aims to better compete with other AI chatbot apps that are already generating substantial revenue on mobile devices.

Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo expressed his optimism for the program, highlighting the wide range of potential applications for bots, from tutoring and entertainment to therapy and media generation. He emphasized the vast opportunities available in this emerging market, where both valuable services and financial gains can be achieved simultaneously.

Quora’s introduction of a chatbot creator economy through Poe not only provides monetary incentives for bot creators but also opens up new possibilities for smaller companies and research groups to engage with the public and contribute to the evolution of AI technology.

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