Owning The Earscape Market With Studs Co-founders Lisa Bubbers And Anna Harman


Welcome to Found, where we dive deep into the stories behind startups that are making waves in the industry. In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Lisa Bubbers and Anna Harman, the brilliant minds behind Studs, an ear piercing company that is revolutionizing the market. Join us as we explore their journey, from fundraising for a brick-and-mortar business to creating a new market for ear piercings.

Key Takeaway

Studs, headed by co-founders Lisa Bubbers and Anna Harman, has disrupted the ear piercing market by creating a safe and stylish experience. By tapping into an underserved demographic, they have successfully carved out a niche and established themselves as the go-to destination for ear piercings. With their unique approach and complementary leadership styles, Studs is set to dominate the industry.

Fundraising for a Unique Concept

Starting a brick-and-mortar business in the world of tech startups may seem unconventional, but Lisa and Anna took on the challenge with determination. They recognized the need for a modern and safe ear piercing experience for a demographic that has outgrown stores like Claire’s, but may not feel comfortable going to a tattoo shop.

During our interview, Lisa and Anna revealed the hurdles they faced when it came to fundraising. Investors were intrigued by the unique concept, but skeptical about the profitability of a physical store. However, the co-founders persevered, showcasing their passion and expertise to secure the necessary funding to bring Studs to life.

Creating a New Market

One of the most fascinating aspects of Studs is their ability to tap into an untapped market. Many individuals have outgrown the traditional ear piercing experience, but don’t necessarily connect with the alternative options available. Lisa and Anna saw this gap and worked diligently to cater to this specific demographic.

Studs has successfully positioned itself as the go-to destination for a safe, stylish, and inclusive ear piercing experience. Through their carefully curated selection of earrings and emphasis on an enjoyable customer journey, they have created a loyal following of individuals who appreciate the attention to detail and personalization that Studs offers.

Complementary Leadership Styles

One of the secrets to Studs’ success lies in the dynamic partnership between Lisa and Anna. With different leadership styles that complement each other, they bring a diverse range of skills and perspectives to the table.

Lisa’s strategic thinking and knack for business operations perfectly complement Anna’s creative vision and passion for customer experience. This harmonious blend of skills allows Studs to thrive, ensuring that every aspect of the brand, from the physical stores to the e-commerce experience, exceeds customer expectations.

Be sure to join us next time on Found, where we bring you more inspiring stories from founders who are shaping the future of their industries.

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