A New Era Of Collaborative Erotica: Pirr Raises Angel Round To Expand AI-powered Storytelling Platform


Swedish startup Pirr has recently made waves by offering users an immersive and collaborative experience in erotica writing through their app. With an angel investment of $430,000, the company plans to expand its platform and become the leading hub for spicy storytelling.

Key Takeaway

Pirr, a Swedish startup, has secured an angel investment of $430,000 to advance its platform, which aims to redefine erotic literature by providing a collaborative and imaginative writing experience. With features such as AI-generated book covers and text narration, Pirr presents itself as a safe haven for exploring fantasies and indulging in passionate storytelling.

Breaking the Stigma and Igniting Imagination

Pirr’s ultimate aim is to challenge the lingering stigma surrounding erotic literature by providing a safe and playful environment for users to explore their fantasies. Co-founders Anna Wallander and Beatrice Bushati emphasize that their platform is inclusive and designed for everyone. They want users to not only have fun but also recognize the liberating potential of indulging in their imagination.

Pirr’s app allows users to kickstart a story by writing the first paragraph, after which an AI algorithm takes over. Users can then choose the direction of the narrative in a choose-your-own-adventure style or continue writing themselves, collaborating with the wider community. The company has already amassed a significant user base, boasting over 150,000 users spending an average of 22 minutes per session crafting passionate and steamy romance novellas.

Expanding Possibilities and Monetization

With the recent angel round, Pirr plans to expand its offering and introduce new features that will solidify its position as the leading platform for spicy storytelling. This includes the integration of AI-generated book covers and text narration, enhancing the overall reading experience. Moreover, Pirr recognizes the potential of collaborative creation, enabling users to co-author stories—a tantalizing option to spice up relationships or explore a modern form of sexting.

The company also has future plans for monetization, with a potential focus on a subscription-based model. By the end of the year, Pirr intends to conduct monetization tests while driving its transition from a minimum viable product (MVP) to a fully-fledged and self-sustaining platform.

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