Newsnews Raises $33M Series B To Enhance Online Guest Experiences For Independent Restaurants


Independent restaurant owners used to heavily rely on foot traffic as their way of marketing. In 2020, the global pandemic changed all that. Overnight, restaurants needed to set up online ordering, have a plan for pick-up and delivery and find new ways to get in front of customers no longer going out to eat. Inspired by his mother’s struggles to attract customers to her dog grooming business, Adam Guild teamed up with Dean Bloembergen to create to help independent restaurant owners better manage their online presence.

Key Takeaway secures $33 million in Series B funding to expand its platform and empower independent restaurant owners with innovative tools, including artificial intelligence-powered marketing features.

Empowering Independent Restaurants offers an all-in-one platform for restaurants that includes online ordering, a website builder, customer relationship management tools, marketing automation and a branded mobile app generator. The platform aims to assist independent restaurant owners in navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic and the changing landscape of the restaurant industry.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

To differentiate itself, has integrated artificial intelligence into its platform, introducing new features such as an AI-powered email marketer. This innovative tool allows restaurant owners to effortlessly create personalized marketing emails by simply typing a sentence, enabling them to effectively engage with their customer base.

Significant Growth and Funding has experienced substantial growth, with thousands of customers and a significant increase in revenue. The company recently secured $33 million in Series B funding, bringing the total capital raised to $58.7 million. The funding will enable to further enhance its platform and continue investing in engineering and design teams to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

The Future of Restaurant Technology

As the restaurant tech landscape continues to evolve, the influx of funding and innovation in the sector raises the question of whether any company is close to challenging industry leader Toast.

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