OnePlus Confirms Upcoming Launch Of Its First Foldable Phone


OnePlus is ready to make its mark in the foldable phone market, with the company confirming that its first foldable device is coming soon. The eagerly anticipated device, tentatively named OnePlus Open, is expected to launch in the second half of this year. With the announcement, OnePlus joins the ranks of other smartphone manufacturers who have embraced the foldable phone trend.

Key Takeaway

OnePlus is set to launch its first foldable phone in the near future, joining the growing list of smartphone manufacturers embracing this trend. The company’s focus on extensive research and development shows its commitment to delivering a device that offers top-notch hardware and software experiences to users. With collaboration between OnePlus and Oppo, users can expect a foldable phone that combines the strengths of both brands. OnePlus aims to provide a fast, smooth, and exceptional foldable experience that competes with other devices in the market.

Why is OnePlus Entering the Foldable Phone Market?

According to OnePlus CEO Robin Liu, the decision to enter the foldable phone market was driven by extensive research and development. The company wanted to ensure that it could deliver the best-in-class hardware and software experience to its users. OnePlus has invested a significant amount of time in perfecting the new form factor, with the aim of creating a device that offers outstanding performance and a seamless software experience.

The decision to launch the foldable device now is also based on feedback from the OnePlus community and the ongoing trend in the industry. OnePlus wants to stay at the forefront of innovation and cater to the evolving demands of its users.

Collaboration with Oppo

OnePlus has a strategic partnership with its parent company, Oppo. When asked about collaboration between the two companies, Liu confirmed that they are sharing resources and technology to develop the foldable phone. This collaboration is expected to result in a device that combines the best of OnePlus and Oppo’s expertise.

What to Expect From OnePlus’ Foldable Phone

According to OnePlus COO Kinder Liu, the company’s first foldable phone will offer the signature OnePlus fast and smooth experience. OnePlus aims to deliver a device that provides an exceptional foldable experience and competes with other devices on the market.

While the specific details of the device are yet to be unveiled, rumors suggest that it will feature an 8-inch internal display and a 6.5-inch external display. Additionally, it is rumored to boast a 50MP primary camera, catering to the needs of photography enthusiasts.

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