New Solution For AI Code Quality: Braintrust Secures $3 Million In Funding


In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, where AI-generated code is becoming increasingly prevalent, startups are emerging to address the challenges associated with maintaining code quality. Braintrust, a Bay Area-based startup, has recently announced securing $3 million in fresh funding. The company aims to provide an “operating system for engineers building AI software,” offering a platform that helps developers avoid undesirable outcomes from AI models.

Key Takeaway

Braintrust, a Bay Area-based startup, has secured $3 million in funding to support its mission of providing an operating system for engineers building AI software. The company’s platform offers solutions to help developers avoid undesirable outcomes from AI models, ensuring code quality and reliability. With notable investors on board, Braintrust aims to become a frontrunner in the increasingly competitive AI code quality landscape.

Braintrust’s funding round was backed by notable investors, including renowned angel investor Elad Gil, Adam D’Angelo of Quora, Clem Delangue of AI company HuggingFace, and OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman. These experienced investors have recognized the potential of Braintrust’s solution, positioning the company as a promising player in the field.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of AI Code

Braintrust’s CEO and co-founder, Ankur Goyal, has a strong background in software development and an intimate understanding of the challenges posed by AI integration. Goyal experienced the non-deterministic nature of AI code firsthand and recognizes the criticality of thorough testing on real-world examples to ensure its reliability.

Braintrust’s platform addresses this challenge by partnering with companies that possess extensive and high-quality data for testing. Companies like workflow automation firm Zapier and spreadsheet tool provider Coda are currently beta-testing Braintrust’s solution. By enabling these companies to leverage Braintrust’s platform, they can generate “golden datasets” that serve as benchmarks for evaluating the effectiveness of their software.

Moreover, Braintrust’s ability to operate within its customers’ cloud environments allows it to navigate compliance issues efficiently, facilitating smooth adoption within enterprise settings. The company’s seamless integration and focus on generating reliable software make it a unique entity in the AI industry.

Competition in the AI Code Quality Landscape

While Braintrust is gaining traction in the market, it will face competition from other startups aiming to address AI code quality issues. Israeli startup Deepchecks, which recently raised seed funding, is yet another player in the continuous validation for AI space.

However, Goyal believes that Braintrust’s offering fills a significant gap in the market. He cites the absence of a well-established methodology and workflow for maintaining code quality in the AI space. By introducing their platform, Braintrust aims to revolutionize AI software development, bringing the rigor of continuous integration to the AI domain.

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