Amazon Unveils CodeWhisperer Enterprise Tier To Enhance Code Suggestions


Amazon has recently introduced a new enterprise plan for CodeWhisperer, its AI-powered service that generates and suggests code. The new plan, known as CodeWhisperer Enterprise Tier, brings additional functionality to enable businesses to integrate their internal codebases and resources, allowing CodeWhisperer to provide customized recommendations to developer teams.

Key Takeaway

Amazon has launched the CodeWhisperer Enterprise Tier, offering enhanced code suggestion capabilities for businesses. This new functionality allows developers to integrate their internal codebases, enabling CodeWhisperer to provide tailored and customized recommendations.

With the CodeWhisperer Enterprise Tier, administrators can connect CodeWhisperer to a private code repository, enabling the system to learn from the repository and adjust its suggestions accordingly. The customization process can be managed from a console, where administrators have access to evaluation metrics, performance estimations, and the ability to selectively deploy customizations to developers without widely exposing proprietary code.

The CodeWhisperer Enterprise Tier is part of Amazon’s ongoing expansion of CodeWhisperer, which was initially introduced in late June as a component of the AWS IDE Toolkit and AWS Toolkit IDE extensions. The launch of the CodeWhisperer Professional Tier in April added features such as single sign-on integration with AWS Identity and Access Management, as well as increased scanning limits for security vulnerabilities.

Code-generating services, including CodeWhisperer, have faced scrutiny similar to other generative AI technologies. Concerns have been raised regarding the use of copyrighted or restricted licensed code in the training of these models. While vendors claim fair use protection, legal experts have warned about potential risks and liabilities for companies that unwittingly incorporate copyrighted suggestions from these tools into their production software.

Addressing these concerns, Amazon has implemented a feature in CodeWhisperer that highlights and optionally filters the license associated with suggested code snippets resembling those found in the training data. Amazon also assures customers that it will not utilize customer-specific customizations for future CodeWhisperer model training and will not store or log customer content when handling requests from developers’ integrated development environments (IDEs).

CodeWhisperer Enterprise Tier offers businesses the opportunity to enhance their development process and leverage AI-generated code suggestions while maintaining control over proprietary code and ensuring compliance with copyright regulations.

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