New IOS Note-Taking App, Qept, Aims To Simplify Texting Yourself


Developer Willem de Beijer has recently introduced a new note-taking app for iOS called Qept, capitalizing on the popular trend of using messaging apps to send notes or reminders to oneself. While popular chat apps already have self-texting features, Qept focuses on enhancing the organization and editing capabilities of note-taking.

Enhanced Organization and Editing Features

Qept allows users to quickly jot down notes or thoughts by simply typing and hitting “send.” The app goes a step further by providing a convenient checkmark sign above the text box, enabling users to effortlessly create checklists or to-do lists. Although users have the option to assign a “Topic” to each note for improved organization, it is not mandatory.

All notes, whether categorized or uncategorized, are displayed in the home timeline. Even after sending a note to the timeline, users can still edit it. In a future update, Qept will introduce the option to hide or collapse notes from a specific topic. Additionally, archived notes will be easily visible or hidden with a single tap.

Key Takeaway

Qept is an iOS note-taking app that simplifies the process of texting oneself. It offers enhanced organization and editing features, making it more efficient for creating to-do lists and reminders.

Upcoming Updates and Features

In the coming weeks, Qept will release updates aimed at improving the app’s visual appearance and navigation. Users can look forward to a filter for archived notes, the ability to add reminders to their notes, and the convenience of adding bullet points as a formatting option. Developer Willem de Beijer also plans to launch a Mac app later this year, along with note search functionality, bulk edits, and support for rich links.

Free vs Pro Features

Qept can be downloaded for free, allowing users to access basic note-taking features. However, to add more than three topics, users will need to subscribe to the pro version, which costs $7.99 per month. The developer intends to introduce additional pro features in the future, including image and file support.

Qept distinguishes itself from similar note-taking apps in the market, such as Stashpad, which targets developers and offers limited free usage across devices. Stashpad users can unlock unlimited note sync and pro features by subscribing to a $10 monthly plan or a $96 yearly plan. For users with simple note-taking requirements and a preference for checklists, Qept presents a better free alternative.

As the popularity of sending notes to oneself continues to grow, Qept provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that is specifically designed to streamline the process on iOS devices. With its upcoming updates and pro features, Qept aims to cater to a wider range of note-taking needs.

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