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How to Repair QuickBooks Company Files?

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QBW (QuickBooks company file) contains all company file data and chart account info. If opening a company file, shows errors like H202, 6150, 6147, -6000 -305, etc., or you fail to open the file at all, your file might be corrupted. Your company file can get corrupted when its header and other data get damaged.

This quick guide explains the fundamental causes of QuickBooks’ corruption and how to repair QBW files. Also, it explores an advanced QuickBooks repair tool to quickly and easily repair severely damaged company files.


How Does QuickBooks Company File Get Corrupted?

There could be multiple reasons for corruption in QBW files. Some common causes are given below:

  • Network issues
  • Improper system shutdown.
  • Sudden power outages damaging the hard drive and leading to QuickBooks file corruption
  • Large-sized QuickBooks Company file

There are other causes associated with corruption in QuickBooks files, like software or hardware conflicts, virus infections, etc.


How to Repair QuickBooks Company Files?

If your QuickBooks Company file turns corrupt, try the below methods to repair it:


Method 1: Try the Verify and Rebuild tools

To repair your QuickBooks Company file, you can verify and rebuild the company file data. The Verify tool helps to detect company file issues and the Rebuild tool helps fix them. Here are the steps to use these tools:

  • First, click Close All to close all open windows.
  • In QuickBooks, navigate to the File option and then click Utilities.
  • Click Verify Data. On clicking this option, if you get the error message “Your data has lost integrity”, indicating the file is damaged, you need to rebuild your company file data. To do so, here are the steps:
  • Go to File > Utilities and then click Rebuild Data.
  • Before data rebuild, a backup file is required. So, click OK on the “Create a backup” prompt.
  • Save a backup with a different name and click OK.
  • You will get a “Rebuild has completed” message.
  • Now, again go to File > Utilities and Verify Data to check for further damage.

If the Verify Data option detects further damage, try the other repair tools in QuickBooks.


Method 2: Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub to repair the company file

QuickBooks tool hub contains a number of QuickBooks troubleshooting software. To repair the company file, you can run the Quick Fix My File and QuickBooks File Doctor tools on the Tool Hub. Here are the steps:

  • First, download, install, and launch the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Select Company File Issues from the tool hub and click the Quick Fix My File option.

Fixing My Company file using QuickBooks Tools Hub

  • Click OK. If it fails, use the Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool. To use this, again go to the Company File Issues and click the Run QuickBooks File Doctor option.
  • In the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, click Browse to select the company file (you want to repair) from the drop-down menu.

Checking the file from Can’t open company file.

  • Select Check your file option and click Continue.
  • The QuickBooks prompts you to enter QuickBooks admin credentials, type the password, and then click Next.
  • It might take some time. The scan time may vary according to the size of the company file.


Alternative to QuickBooks Repair Tools

If the QuickBooks File Doctor tool fails to work, a professional QuickBooks recovery tool like Stellar Repair for QuickBooks is a good option. It is a powerful DIY tool that fixes corrupt or damaged data stored in company files. This easy-to-use QuickBooks repair tool doesn’t require any technical proficiency to use it. The software supports QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions. You can use it to repair all kinds of QBW file corruption issues like H series errors, ‘unable to open company files’, or 6000 series errors. You can even repair severely damaged files caused due to corruption. The tool supports all QuickBooks versions from 2007 to 2023.



In this post, we discussed Intuit-provided QuickBooks repair tools, including QuickBooks built-in utility, Quick Fix my file, and File Doctor to repair a QuickBooks Company file. These tools may not work in some instances. For cases where they fail to work, this post also mentioned dedicated QuickBooks repair software as an effective alternative to make corrupt company files accessible. The professional QuickBooks repair software can repair severely damaged company files in a few minutes. Download the free Stellar Repair for QuickBooks demo and access its file repair capability. You can even see the preview of the repaired corrupt components of your QBW file in the free trial.

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