New Git Repository Gitness Launched By Harness


Harness, the software delivery platform founded by Jyoti Bansal, has announced the launch of Gitness, an open-source Git repository. While Harness has been providing continuous code deployment and other services, it has never offered its own Git repositories until now. Gitness aims to simplify the Git repository landscape, which has become crowded and complex in recent years.

Key Takeaway

Harness has launched Gitness, an open-source Git repository, aiming to simplify and streamline the Git repository landscape. Gitness provides a simple and lightweight alternative to existing Git repository services and seamlessly integrates with Harness’ CI/CD system and other tools. The launch also includes additional modules such as an internal developer platform and an infrastructure as code management service.

Simplifying Git Repository Services

According to Bansal, current Git repository services have become too complicated and bloated. Gitness, on the other hand, can be easily set up on the smallest virtual machine or a developer’s laptop in just a few minutes. The system seamlessly integrates with Harness’ CI/CD system and other tools, making it a user-friendly option for developers.

Bansal also highlighted that Gitness incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) functions right from the start. Currently, enhanced search features and AI-infused tooling for code reviews and other core features are included. Harness had the advantage of building this service from scratch, allowing them to prioritize simplicity and ease of use.

The Transition to Gitness

Harness has been working on Gitness for a few years, and most of the company’s 350 developers have already switched to the Harness Code Repository, which is based on Gitness. The migration process is designed to be seamless, especially for developers already familiar with using Git from the command line. Harness has also created a graphical user interface that resembles GitHub, minimizing the cognitive load of the transition.

Additional Features and Modules

In addition to Gitness, Harness is also launching a few additional modules to its platform. One of them is an internal developer platform based on Spotify’s Backstage open-source framework. This platform aims to enhance developer portals and provide a centralized space for developer resources. The other new module is the Harness Infrastructure as Code Management (IaCM) service, which enables companies to manage their infrastructure as code. It includes features such as drift detection to ensure infrastructure compliance and security.

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