New Beginnings For VanMoof: Lavoie Acquires Bankrupt E-Bike Startup


Exciting news for e-bike enthusiasts! Lavoie, the leading electric scooter manufacturer, has stepped in to acquire VanMoof, the popular e-bike startup that faced bankruptcy earlier this year. The move marks a remarkable save for VanMoof, which had gained a loyal customer base and substantial investment as an independent venture-backed company.

Key Takeaway

Lavoie acquires bankrupt e-bike startup VanMoof, with plans to invest and relaunch the business.

A Perfect Fit: VanMoof and Lavoie

Lavoie’s CEO, Eliott Wertheimer, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating that VanMoof’s next-generation e-bikes, smart technology, innovative design, and loyal customer base align perfectly with Lavoie’s vision. VanMoof boasts an impressive global customer base of 190,000 riders, and Lavoie is committed to providing top-notch services to keep them on the road while stabilizing and growing the VanMoof brand.

A Troubled Past and a Road to Redemption

VanMoof’s sleek design and reputation for high-quality e-bikes garnered it a significant following. However, the company faced challenges due to reliability issues and expensive repair costs. Approximately one in every ten bikes had to be returned by customers, resulting in substantial repair expenses that ultimately led to financial losses for VanMoof. The company’s bankrupt status left suppliers, retail operations, and customers awaiting bike deliveries or repairs in a state of uncertainty.

Lavoie’s Strategic Approach

Lavoie, part of McLaren Applied, a division of the McLaren Group, aims to expand its urban mobility business through the VanMoof acquisition. As part of this strategy, Lavoie plans to develop e-bikes and scooters, with a focus on addressing the quality issues that plagued VanMoof’s previous models. Lavoie’s Series 1 electric scooter, priced at $2,400, has already made waves in the market and is expected to be a key player in the company’s e-mobility product lineup.

An Exciting Future Ahead

Lavoie’s chairman, Nick Fry, expressed the company’s commitment to transforming the way people navigate congested cities through their high-quality e-mobility products. The acquisition of VanMoof will accelerate Lavoie’s global growth and enable the company to offer an expanded range of premium products and services to customers. While specific plans regarding VanMoof’s retail and servicing operations are yet to be disclosed, Lavoie is eager to tap into the expertise of independent technology pioneers McLaren Applied.

With the backing of Lavoie, VanMoof has a fresh start and an opportunity to continue redefining the e-bike category with each ride. E-bike enthusiasts and urban commuters can look forward to an exciting future where Lavoie’s expertise combines with VanMoof’s innovative design, creating new possibilities in the world of premium e-mobility.

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