New AI-powered Tool From Outschool Revolutionizes Progress Reports


Outschool, the leading online learning platform focused on providing academic and interest-based classes for children, has recently unveiled its groundbreaking AI Teaching Assistant. This innovative tool aims to assist teachers in generating comprehensive progress reports for their students, streamlining administrative tasks and promoting better communication with parents or caregivers. By leveraging the power of OpenAI’s technology, Outschool is revolutionizing the way progress reports are generated in the education industry.

Key Takeaway

Outschool’s AI Teaching Assistant marks a significant breakthrough in the field of progress reporting. By leveraging AI technology, teachers can now generate comprehensive progress reports with ease, saving valuable time and enhancing communication with parents. Furthermore, Outschool’s expansion into one-on-one tutoring positions the platform at the forefront of the online tutoring industry, tapping into its immense potential for growth.

AI Teaching Assistant: Empowering Educators, Enhancing Efficiency

Outschool has partnered with OpenAI, a prominent artificial intelligence research laboratory, to develop the AI Teaching Assistant. This integration comes with its fair share of both excitement and apprehension within the educational community. Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in 2022, concerns have been raised regarding potential cheating and plagiarism. Nevertheless, many educators recognize the potential of AI in facilitating administrative tasks.

The AI Teaching Assistant is designed to help teachers save valuable time by automating the process of writing progress reports. After each learning session, tutors input key bullet points into the AI system, outlining the student’s performance and achievements. Going beyond basic data, the AI generates detailed paragraphs summarizing the student’s activities and progress. Tutors have the option to choose between a descriptive message or a concise version, allowing for customization and flexibility.

Melanie Pauli, an experienced piano teacher who joined Outschool in 2020, tested the AI tool during its beta phase. She found that creating a few paragraphs took less than five minutes, significantly reducing the time spent on administrative tasks between lessons. According to Pauli, direct communication with parents through the AI Teaching Assistant fosters a sense of involvement and engagement, ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction and retention.

Expansion into One-on-One Tutoring

Alongside the launch of the AI Teaching Assistant, Outschool has also ventured into the realm of one-on-one tutoring, positioning itself as a direct competitor to well-established companies such as Varsity Tutors,, and Preply. This strategic move comes as online tutoring experiences a surge in popularity even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Forecasts indicate that the market size could reach a staggering $23.73 billion by 2030, underscoring the immense potential in this sector.

CEO Amir Nathoo recognizes the challenges faced by parents and teachers in closing the learning gaps exacerbated by the pandemic. Nathoo views one-on-one tutoring as a powerful tool to provide the necessary academic support to children and ensure their success. Outschool’s expansion into one-on-one tutoring presents an opportunity for tutors to increase their earnings by charging higher prices for personalized sessions. With over 4,000 educators teaching a wide range of subjects, from English and math to art and music, Outschool continues to transform the education landscape.

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