New Account Verification System Based On Government ID Launched By X


In an effort to combat impersonation and ensure the safety of its users, X, formerly known as Twitter, has introduced a new account verification system. Paid users now have the option to verify their accounts using government-issued identification.

Key Takeaway

X’s launch of an account verification system based on government ID aims to enhance platform security, reduce impersonation attempts, and safeguard user experiences. Verified users will receive a verification badge and may enjoy prioritized support from X Services. Although currently only available to paid users, the company plans to extend verification tools to all users in the future.

Enhanced Security Measures to Prevent Impersonation

The new verification process, powered by Israel-based Au10tix, aims to provide an extra layer of security by authenticating user identities through government ID verification. By partnering with Au10tix, X can verify the legitimacy of its users, minimizing the risks of impersonation through the creation of duplicate accounts.

It is worth noting that the ID verification process may require users to provide personal identification information, which could be stored by Au10tix for up to 30 days. However, X assures users that strict data protection measures are in place to ensure the security and privacy of their information.

Implications for User Experience and Platform Integrity

While the primary aim of the ID-based verification system is to prevent impersonation, X acknowledges the potential for additional benefits. The company may explore features such as age-based content restrictions and protection against spam and malicious accounts. This effort emphasizes X’s commitment to maintaining a platform that encourages healthy conversations and safeguards user experiences.

Exclusive Benefits for Verified Users

Verified users will receive a verification badge on their profile, indicating that their government ID has been successfully verified. Additionally, these users will benefit from “prioritized support from X Services.” Although it is unclear what specific advantages this entails, X intends to provide enhanced assistance and support to verified users.

Looking ahead, X plans to streamline the review process for verification badges, particularly for users who have already been verified through their government IDs. Furthermore, these users will have the flexibility to make frequent changes to their names, usernames, or profile photos without losing their verification badge.

Scope and Availability

Currently, the ID-based verification system is available exclusively to paid users of X. However, the company has indicated its intention to expand access to verification tools for all users in the future.


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