Naboo Revolutionizes Company Seminar Planning With AI-Powered Platform


Naboo, a French startup, has secured an $8 million funding round (€7.5 million) to further develop its innovative platform for organizing company seminars. The company has already achieved a monthly transaction volume of over $1.5 million, signaling its rapid growth and potential to transform the corporate retreat industry.

Key Takeaway

Naboo’s innovative approach to company seminar planning, coupled with its AI-powered future, positions the company as a trailblazer in the industry, offering a user-centric platform that empowers customers and streamlines the planning process.

Streamlining Seminar Planning

Naboo offers a comprehensive online marketplace featuring a diverse selection of venues for corporate retreats. In addition to simplifying the booking process, the platform collaborates with caterers and facilitates transportation arrangements, providing an all-in-one solution for seminar planning.

Empowering Customers

Unlike traditional agencies, Naboo empowers customers to make informed decisions by displaying transparent pricing and availability information on its website. This approach resonates with companies seeking to organize smaller, team-focused retreats, fostering improved team cohesiveness and collaboration.

Strategic Partnerships and Clientele

Naboo has established partnerships with 2,500 venues and 500 service providers, including renowned companies such as Carrefour, Saint Gobain, Orange, and Renault. Its client roster boasts publicly traded companies, with some exclusively entrusting Naboo with their seminar planning needs.

AI-Powered Future

Looking ahead, Naboo aims to integrate AI capabilities into its platform, enhancing the browsing experience for users. The upcoming AI feature demonstrates the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology to meet the evolving needs of its clientele.

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