Loora Revolutionizes English Language Learning With AI


Of the professions in danger of being replaced by AI, language teacher is certainly up there. That’s not necessarily because it’s a good idea. AI, some employers have decided — including Duolingo, recently — is a reasonable enough stand-in for human experts when it comes to language instruction. Despite the fact that AI-translated text tends to be less lexically rich than human translations, the cost savings are attractive enough to make the trade-off worth it in certain managers’ minds. But some companies argue that AI can do at scale what language teachers can’t.

Key Takeaway

Loora utilizes conversational AI to provide personalized English language learning, aiming to cater to serious learners striving for fluency in English for personal and professional advancement.

Loora’s Innovative Approach

One of those is Loora, which leans on conversational AI to teach English to students. Founded by Roy Mor and Yonti Levin, Loora’s iOS app has users chat with a chatbot that gives feedback on their English comprehension. The idea for Loora came from the founders’ frustration with language learning. Language learning apps are only geared toward beginners or casual learners, and human tutors are very expensive, inconvenient and have limited availability.

Personalized Learning Experience

Loora offers learners several AI-generated conversation subjects and scenarios to choose from, providing feedback on grammar, pronunciation, and accent. The app also offers direct translations in the user’s native tongue, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Loora scores users on their proficiency over time and employs this score to personalize conversations at their speaking level.

Competitive Edge

Loora distinguishes itself by focusing on “serious learners” aiming for fluency in English. Unlike other language learning apps that are limited and gamified, Loora has built, trained, and optimized its AI for the sole purpose of enabling users to achieve English fluency. The app also aims to cater to specific language learning use cases, such as business communication, where general tutors may fall short.

Future Plans and Expansion

Despite the limitations inherent in language education apps, Loora has attracted significant investment, raising $12 million in a Series A round. The funding will be utilized to develop Loora’s Android app, enhance its core AI tech and conversational capabilities, and expand the startup’s workforce. Additionally, Loora plans to launch an enterprise service, targeting corporate clientele and expanding its reach beyond its current customer base of 15,000 app users.

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