Latinx/e Founders And Leaders Must Have A Seat At The Table In AI Growth And Regulation


In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the voices and perspectives of diverse leaders are crucial in shaping the growth and regulation of artificial intelligence (AI). Jorge Calderon, managing director at Inicio Ventures, emphasizes the importance of including Latinx/e founders and leaders in the critical conversations about AI’s development and oversight.

Key Takeaway

Diverse representation, including Latinx/e founders and leaders, is essential in shaping the future of AI growth and regulation. Their unique perspectives and contributions are vital in ensuring that AI benefits all members of society.

The Need for Diverse Representation

Calderon highlights the absence of Latinx/e founders and leaders in discussions concerning AI’s expansion and regulation. Despite the significant contributions of Latinx/e entrepreneurs to the U.S. economy, they receive less than 2% of startup investment funding, reflecting a broader pattern of exclusion within the startup and venture ecosystem.

As AI continues to permeate various aspects of society, diverse founders bring unique perspectives that drive the creation of socially impactful products and services. Their success not only benefits their communities but also contributes to the overall societal advancement.

Challenges and Opportunities

While acknowledging the concerns surrounding AI’s potential biases and discrimination, Calderon emphasizes the positive impact that AI can have on diverse communities. He underscores the need for nuanced perspectives in the regulatory conversation to ensure that AI’s benefits are accessible to all, leading to improved social and economic outcomes.

Inclusive Policy Development

Calderon calls for the active involvement of diverse startup founders and leaders in shaping AI-related policies. He advocates for the creation of regulatory frameworks that encourage the meaningful participation of diverse groups, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful guardrails and incentives to promote increased representation and success within the AI sector.

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