Instagram Unveils Customizable “Add Yours” Templates Feature


Instagram has recently introduced a new and exciting feature that allows users to create personalized “Add Yours” templates. This feature enables users to craft unique Stories using GIFs, images, and text, providing an opportunity for their followers to engage and participate.

Key Takeaway

Instagram’s introduction of customizable “Add Yours” templates offers users the opportunity to create engaging and interactive Stories, fostering collaboration and creativity within the platform’s community.

Creating Custom “Add Yours” Templates

To craft an “Add Yours” template, users can begin by uploading a Story and incorporating various elements such as GIFs, custom text, or images from their gallery. Once these elements are added, they can then utilize the “Add Yours Templates” sticker and select the specific elements they wish to pin. While those who engage with the template cannot modify the selected elements, they are able to contribute their own additions, fostering a collaborative and interactive environment.

Global Rollout and Interactive Features

This new feature is set to be introduced globally, marking an exciting development for Instagram users worldwide. The customizable templates serve as a playful addition to the interactive Add Yours sticker, which was initially launched in 2021. This innovation provides users with the opportunity to respond to prompts from other users and share their unique perspective, fostering creativity and collaboration.

Furthermore, Instagram has also unveiled a “template browser” for Reels, which allows users to explore and customize pre-made templates to enhance their videos, offering a seamless and engaging experience.

Expansion of Creative Tools

In addition to the “Add Yours” feature, Instagram recently made headlines with the release of its generative AI-powered background editing tool in the U.S. This tool empowers users to seamlessly modify their backgrounds, further expanding the platform’s array of creative tools and enhancing the user experience.

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