Inflow Revolutionizes Manufacturing For Small Fashion Brands In Vietnam


Small fashion brands looking to tap into Vietnam’s manufacturing prowess have found a valuable ally in Inflow. The innovative platform connects these brands with manufacturers, giving them visibility into supply chains and the design-to-production cycle. Inflow’s cutting-edge technology empowers smaller brands to compete with larger ones by offering inventory forecasts, data-driven factory matching, and merchandise management.

Key Takeaway

Inflow has raised $2 million in seed funding, attracting investors such as AppWorks, 500 Global, January Capital, Spiral Ventures, and Saison Capital. The platform, which has experienced significant revenue growth and is currently used by over 80 fashion brands across Southeast Asia, helps small brands partner with over 150 manufacturers, providing faster production turnaround times and supporting small-batch orders.

Connecting Small Brands with Manufacturers

Prior to launching Inflow, founder Khanh Le faced numerous challenges in finding a trusted factory partner for her own fashion brand. Despite Vietnam’s status as a top clothing and textile exporter, the manufacturing industry remained inaccessible to smaller players. This realization inspired Le to utilize data-driven matching to connect small fashion brands with factories in Vietnam.

The Inflow Advantage

Inflow addresses several key issues faced by small brands seeking to manufacture in Vietnam. The platform significantly shortens the process of finding a trusted partner, which traditionally took months, by curating a network of pre-screened manufacturers. Additionally, through real-time updates, Inflow keeps brands informed about the manufacturing process, essential for brands based in distant locations such as the United States or Europe.

Moreover, the platform’s features, including inventory forecasting based on historical data and sales analysis, enable brands to make informed decisions about production quantities. Inflow ensures ethical manufacturing practices through a rigorous vetting process and regular factory audits. The platform also encourages brands to prioritize sustainability by offering options for choosing sustainable materials.

Future Growth and Expansion

With the recently secured $2 million in seed funding, Inflow plans to invest in design research and development, supply chain optimization, and manufacturing technology. The company aims to enable brands to bring new designs to market within 30 days, with minimum order quantities as low as 50. As part of its growth strategy, Inflow will establish sales channels in developed markets and forge partnerships with fashion export companies in regions like the U.S. and Europe.

500 Global managing partner Vishal Harnal recognizes the potential of Inflow’s fashion supply chain technology. He believes it can capture the onshoring opportunity presented by the global garment industry’s diversification away from China and its increased focus on Vietnam. Inflow’s connected, convenient, and scalable platform positions it perfectly to cater to this shifting manufacturing landscape.

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