Hexa Raises $22 Million In Funding To Expand Startup Studio


Paris-based startup studio Hexa has recently secured $22 million (€20 million) in a funding round, signaling its plans to launch more startups in the near future. Hexa, which has already created successful companies such as Front, Aircall, and Spendesk, aims to use the fresh capital to further develop its portfolio. The funding round saw participation from renowned local entrepreneurs and family offices, including Luc Pallavidino, Adrien Van Den Branden, Paul Vidal, and Arnaud Schwartz.

Key Takeaway

Hexa, the Paris-based startup studio, has raised $22 million in funding to scale its operations and launch more startups. The company follows a unique approach to startup creation, from ideation to fundraising, with the help of its eClub network of investor friends. With the recent funding, Hexa plans to increase its startup creation pace and diversify into verticals such as climate, education, and health. This move marks an important step in Hexa’s growth trajectory and highlights its commitment to fostering innovation in the B2B software space.

Hexa’s Unique Approach to Startup Creation

Hexa, formerly known as eFounders, operates as a startup studio specializing in B2B software-as-a-service startups. The company follows a distinct method of creating startups by identifying promising ideas and recruiting the right founding teams to transform these ideas into successful projects. Hexa provides support in various aspects, including product design, go-to-market strategies, and hiring. Once a startup reaches a certain stage, the studio taps into its network of investor friends through their eClub, facilitating the fundraising process.

Under the eClub model, Hexa creates a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for each startup investment, allowing investors from the eClub to invest in the SPV, which in turn invests in the startup. Hexa retains 30% equity post-seed. With the recent funding round, Hexa has decided to restrict the eClub to their own investors, ensuring exclusivity and aligning the interests of shareholders with the studio’s long-term vision.

Expanding the Startup Creation Process

Enabled by the current ease of creating software startups, Hexa plans to ramp up its startup creation pace and aims to launch 30 new startups annually. The startup studio intends to hire additional team members to support the expansion and explore new verticals such as climate, education, and health. This represents a considerable increase compared to Hexa’s historical rate of creating 3 to 4 companies per year over the past 12 years. However, the success of this ambitious vision will depend on the macro environment of the startup ecosystem.

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