Google’s Bard AI Chatbot Enhances YouTube Video Interaction


Google has introduced a new update to its Bard AI chatbot, enabling it to answer questions about YouTube videos. The initial launch of the YouTube Extension in September allowed Bard to analyze YouTube videos; however, this recent update takes it a step further by allowing the chatbot to provide specific answers related to the content of a video.

Key Takeaway

Google’s Bard AI chatbot now possesses the ability to answer specific questions about YouTube videos, enhancing user engagement and interaction. With the integration of generative AI features, such as an AI conversational tool and a comments summarizer, YouTube aims to provide users with a more comprehensive video experience. Additionally, Google’s decision to allow teenagers access to Bard opens up a range of learning and problem-solving opportunities for young users.

The company stated, “We’re expanding the YouTube Extension to understand some video content, so you can have a richer conversation with Bard about it.” Prior to this update, the YouTube Extension only facilitated finding specific videos. Now, users can ask Bard questions about the video’s content. For instance, users watching a travel video can inquire about the location of a place they find interesting.

Enhancing User Engagement

Google’s announcement coincides with YouTube’s recent experiment with generative AI features. One of these features includes an AI conversational tool that responds to questions about YouTube’s content while the video is playing. The responses are generated by large language models, utilizing information from YouTube and the web.

Additionally, YouTube introduced a comments summarizer tool that uses generative AI to organize discussion topics in comment sections. This feature provides users with a comprehensive overview of what people are saying about the video.

Teen Access and Benefits

Furthermore, Google has expanded access to Bard, making it available to teenagers in most countries worldwide. In a blog post, Google stated that teenagers can utilize the tool to find inspiration, discover new hobbies, and solve everyday problems. Whether inquiring about university applications or seeking advice on learning a new sport, teenagers can benefit from Bard’s wide range of capabilities.

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