Google To Discontinue Gmail’s Basic HTML View In 2024


Google has announced that it will be discontinuing Gmail’s basic HTML view, which allows users to access their emails in a simplified format. This change is set to take effect in January 2024, as per the updated support page on Google’s website. Users who attempt to access the HTML version are now prompted to switch to the standard view, as the company prepares to phase out the basic HTML option.

Key Takeaway

Google is set to phase out Gmail’s basic HTML view in January 2024, prompting users to transition to the standard view. This move reflects the company’s focus on incorporating AI-powered features into its products, including Gmail.

The Transition Away from Basic HTML View

According to reports, Google has begun notifying users about the impending discontinuation of the basic HTML view through email communications. The company states that the basic HTML view lacks many features found in the standard version, such as chat, spell checker, search filters, keyboard shortcuts, and rich formatting. Despite these limitations, the basic HTML view has been useful for individuals in low-connectivity areas or those seeking a simplified email experience.

Google’s Focus on AI-Powered Features

Google’s decision to discontinue the basic HTML view aligns with its current emphasis on integrating AI-powered features into its products, including Gmail. Recent developments include the introduction of the Duet AI feature to assist users in composing emails, as well as the integration of the Bard chatbot with Google accounts for email-related inquiries.

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