Google To Discontinue Gmail’s Basic HTML View In 2024


In a recent announcement, Google revealed its plans to sunset Gmail’s basic HTML view, an option that allows users to access their emails in a simplified format. Starting from January 2024, Gmail will automatically switch to the Standard view, leaving behind the basic HTML view.

Key Takeaway:

Gmail’s basic HTML view, which provides a stripped-down, simplified version of the email interface, will be discontinued by Google starting in January 2024.

The decision to discontinue the basic HTML view was confirmed by Google through an email sent to users. The email explained that the basic HTML view is an outdated version of Gmail that does not offer the full range of features available in the modern interface.

Currently, when users try to access the HTML version, they are greeted with a message stating that it is designed for “slower connections and legacy browsers.” Google then asks for confirmation that the user doesn’t want to use the standard version.

Why is Google Discontinuing the Basic HTML View?

The basic HTML view of Gmail lacks several features that are available in the standard version, including chat, spell checker, search filters, keyboard shortcuts, and rich formatting. However, it has been useful for users in areas with low connectivity or for those who prefer a no-frills email experience.

Although Google hasn’t indicated whether it plans to introduce a mode specifically designed for low connectivity, the company is currently focused on incorporating AI-powered features into its products, including Gmail. Recently, Google introduced the Duet AI feature to assist users in composing emails. Additionally, the integration of the Bard chatbot with Google accounts allows users to inquire about email history.

As Google continues to enhance its services with AI and other advancements, it seems the basic HTML view no longer aligns with the company’s vision for Gmail.

In Conclusion

With its decision to sunset Gmail’s basic HTML view, Google is paving the way for a more streamlined and feature-rich email experience. While the basic HTML view has served its purpose in the past, Google’s focus on infusing AI-powered capabilities into its products suggests a shift towards more advanced features and functionality.

As we approach 2024, Gmail users should prepare for the automatic switch to the Standard view and bid farewell to the basic HTML option.

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