Google Removes Controversial Live Video Chat App Chamet From Play Store


Google has recently taken the decision to remove the popular live video chat app Chamet from its Play Store. The tech giant confirmed this move, stating that the app violated its user-generated content (UGC) policy. This decision is in line with Google’s policy to remove apps that primarily feature objectionable UGC.

Chamet, a live video streaming app, allowed users to privately call the hosts of streams through in-app payments. The app gained popularity with its many women streamers who danced to songs, discussed their lives, and interacted with their audience. In addition to video calls, users could send gifts to their favorite streamers using in-app payments.

Although Chamet had warned users against broadcasting explicit content, the app was filled with suggestive content and advertisements. Last month, YouTuber Caleb Friesen publicly expressed concerns about Chamet, including the company’s ownership practices and its minimalistic website.

Key Takeaway

Google has removed the controversial Chamet app from the Play Store due to violations of its user-generated content policy. The app allowed users to privately call stream hosts through payments. Despite warnings against explicit content, Chamet featured suggestive material and ads. Other apps in the live video chat category have also earned significant revenue in India.

Chamet was a top-grossing app in various categories on the Play Store. In India alone, users spent over $13.4 million on Chamet between January and July, according to analytics firm In 2022, Indian users spent $15.4 million on the app, while its lifetime spending reached $38 million. Furthermore, the app accumulated more than 26 million downloads in India. also revealed that other live video chat apps, such as Azar, LiveU, and Honeycam Chat, have also generated millions in revenue. Overall, Indian users spent over $46 million on this category of apps in 2022, surpassing the spending on dating apps which amounted to $42.2 million.

Google has not provided any detail regarding whether similar action will be taken against other live video chat apps available on the Play Store.

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