Google Introduces “The Play Report” To Enhance App Discovery On Play Store


Google is upping its game in the app discovery department by introducing short videos on the Play Store. The company’s new original video series, “The Play Report,” aims to help users discover new apps and will be prominently featured on the Play Store home page for select users in the U.S. The videos can also be viewed on Google Play’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Key Takeaway

Google is introducing short videos, potentially YouTube Shorts, on the Play Store to enhance app discovery. “The Play Report,” an original video series, will showcase experts and creators discussing various apps. This move reflects Google’s commitment to providing users with engaging and informative content while also giving developers a platform to showcase their apps.

Short Videos on the Play Store

In an effort to make app discovery more engaging and informative, Google has started incorporating short videos, which appear to be YouTube Shorts, into the Play Store. These videos provide a quick glimpse into different apps and are accompanied by an install icon for easy access to the featured app.

Each episode of “The Play Report” will showcase experts, creators, and even Google employees discussing and highlighting various apps. This not only offers users a unique perspective on apps but also provides developers with a valuable platform to showcase their creations.

Expanding App Discovery Opportunities

While it remains unclear if Google plans to extend the short video support on the Play Store to other creators or developers beyond this program, the inclusion of these videos is undeniably a step towards enhancing app discovery. Currently, developers can already link YouTube videos as part of their app’s media assets on the Play Store.

With more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users watching Shorts, Google has experienced significant success with this video format. By introducing short videos on the Play Store, Google aims to leverage this popularity and provide users with a visual and interactive way to explore new apps.

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