Intuit Unveils AI-Powered Digital Assistant For Small Businesses And Consumers


Intuit, the renowned financial and accounting software giant, has unveiled its latest groundbreaking solution for small businesses and consumers: a customer-facing digital assistant powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Key Takeaway

Intuit launches Intuit Assist, an advanced digital assistant powered by generative AI, to provide personalized recommendations and support to small businesses and consumers across its platform. The assistant, developed using Intuit’s proprietary operating system GenOS, aims to deliver accurate answers by leveraging data and domain expertise while ensuring privacy and security.

Introducing Intuit Assist

Named Intuit Assist, the digital assistant is designed to offer personalized recommendations and assistance to over 100 million small business and consumer customers worldwide. This AI-powered solution is integrated across various Intuit platforms and products, including TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp.

Intuit Assist utilizes contextual datasets and a standard user interface to provide tailored guidance and support. It leverages Intuit’s domain expertise and proprietary AI-powered Tax Knowledge Engine for tax-related queries, assists with financial inquiries on Credit Karma, helps small businesses with cash flow management and product insights on QuickBooks, and aids marketers in creating personalized email campaigns on Mailchimp.

Powered by GenOS

The newly launched digital assistant was developed using GenOS, Intuit’s proprietary operating system based on generative AI. GenOS comprises different components, including GenStudio for interaction, GenRuntime for orchestration, GenUX for customer-facing applications, and large language models.

With GenOS, Intuit Assist can seamlessly switch between Intuit’s in-house language models and third-party models, allowing the AI assistant to have a consistent user experience across products and services.

Addressing Privacy and Accuracy Concerns

As the digital assistant deals with sensitive financial and transactional data, Intuit has implemented stringent privacy and security measures. The company developed a set of principles and established an AI governance team to ensure transparency, accountability, and the responsible use of AI.

To mitigate the risk of inaccurate or inappropriate responses, Intuit Assist relies on large and relevant datasets. By drawing on Intuit’s deep expertise and customers’ own data, the assistant aims to deliver accurate and personalized answers.


Intuit Assist is already accessible for TurboTax customers, with further enhancements planned for the 2023 tax season. It is also available for select Credit Karma members in the U.S. and will be rolled out to a wider audience in the coming months. The assistant is currently in beta testing for QuickBooks and will be available to all U.S. users soon. Additionally, a specific group of Mailchimp customers can already benefit from Intuit Assist, with expansion plans in the pipeline.

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