X Introduces Community Notes For Videos: Adding Context To Clips


Social network X, formerly known as Twitter, has recently launched Community Notes for videos, expanding its existing program for crowdsourced moderation. This new feature allows eligible contributors to attach notes to videos, providing additional context and information for the viewers. These notes will then automatically appear on all posts that include the matching video.

Key Takeaway

X has launched Community Notes for videos, allowing eligible contributors to add informative notes that will automatically appear on all posts containing the respective video. This new feature aims to enhance the viewing experience and provide users with additional context and information.

Community Notes for Enhanced Context

With the introduction of Community Notes for videos, X aims to offer a highly-scalable solution for adding context to various types of video content, including edited clips and AI-generated videos. By making these notes visible across multiple posts, the social network aims to provide users with a more comprehensive and informative viewing experience.

Eligible contributors can easily contribute by selecting the option “About the video in this post, and should appear on all posts including this video” when adding notes. This way, they can help enhance the understanding and interpretation of the video, making it more engaging and meaningful to the audience.

Expanding Support for Contextual Contribution

This latest update builds on X’s previous support for Community Notes, which were initially introduced for images in May. The introduction of notes for images was a response to the need for more context, as the platform experienced the spread of hoaxes and false information through AI-generated images. By allowing contributors to add notes to images, X aimed to enhance the credibility and reliability of the platform’s visual content.

Community Notes have been available worldwide since last year, and X has continued to expand support for contributors from various countries. Additionally, the platform has added helpful note accounts in multiple languages, including Dutch, French, German, and Italian, to highlight top contributions on different posts. Furthermore, X recently implemented a counter that indicates how many times an image with notes has appeared on the platform.

Addressing Challenges and Ensuring Accuracy

While the introduction of Community Notes has brought many benefits, there have also been challenges. Some notes have been found to be unhelpful or inaccurate. For example, a recent report by Gizmodo highlighted a link related to debunking a rumor about Logan Paul and Nina Agdal that redirected users to a pornographic video. At the time of writing, X has not taken any action on the link.

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