Google Introduces Gen-AI To Assist Users In India In Navigating Government Welfare Schemes


Google for India event witnessed the unveiling of several generative AI-focused tools by Google. These new features include visual results comprising images and videos, along with comprehensive information on government schemes.

Key Takeaway

Google is leveraging generative AI to enhance the search experience for users in India. By incorporating visual results like images and videos, as well as user reviews, users can now find comprehensive information about government schemes and easily discover local places and activities. The expansion of language options and focus on localization highlights Google’s commitment to providing a customized and seamless search experience for Indian users.

In the upcoming weeks, Google intends to provide users with summaries of over 100 government-led schemes in India. This feature, available in both Hindi and English, aims to equip users with the necessary knowledge about these schemes.

As part of its efforts to enhance the search experience, Google is making search generative experiments (SGE) in India more localized and visually appealing. By incorporating images and videos into the results, users can now obtain better visual context. For example, if someone searches for “How to drape a saree,” they will receive detailed step-by-step instructions for various draping styles. Additionally, a video will also be included in the results.

Enhancing Visual and Localized Search

To make searching for local information more seamless, particularly for city visitors, the search generative experience (SGE) will now display useful user reviews. For instance, if someone searches “Is Jaipur Fort wheelchair friendly?” the generative-AI powered result will prominently feature user reviews related to accessibility.

Moreover, Google Maps has already been marking wheelchair-friendly places and businesses on its app. Recently, the company also introduced indications for wheelchair-friendly shopping routes on Maps.

Expanding Language Options

In August, Google expanded the search generative experience (SGE) in India by introducing a toggle for users to switch between Hindi and English without leaving the results page. This feature enables users to seamlessly access information in their preferred language.

During that time, the company also stated that advertisements would appear in dedicated slots within generative-AI powered search results, ensuring that users receive relevant information while generating revenue for the platform.

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