George Santos, Former Congressman, Offers Personalized Cameo Videos For $200


George Santos, the Republican ex-congressman who was recently expelled from the House of Representatives, has found a new way to capitalize on his notoriety. He has joined Cameo, a platform where celebrities and public figures offer personalized videos to fans for a fee. Santos, who refers to himself as a “Former Congressional Icon,” charges $200 per video, with options ranging from advice and gossip to pep talks and roasts.

Key Takeaway

Former congressman George Santos is offering personalized Cameo videos for $200, showcasing his pivot from politics to the world of online entertainment.

Since launching his Cameo account, Santos has already sold 100 videos. The demand has been so high that he had to temporarily suspend future sales. For those unable or unwilling to spend $200, there is also the option to message Santos directly for $9.99. However, there is no guarantee of a response, even if the fee is paid.

A Controversial Figure Expands His Reach

Santos’ entrance into the world of Cameo comes after a tainted political career characterized by criminal charges, ethics committee probes, and allegations of misspending campaign funds. Despite these scandals, Santos has gained a certain level of notoriety, even becoming a pop culture icon in some circles.

His flamboyant public persona and disregard for political etiquette have made him a subject of fascination and amusement. Memes referencing his escapades have been widely shared on social media platforms, and the phrase “DIVA DOWN” even trended following his expulsion from Congress.

A Questionable Redemption Arc

While Santos may have his fair share of supporters who appreciate his entertaining nature, his online popularity does not necessarily translate into a desire for him to hold legislative power. Many view his Cameo launch as simply another scheme to maintain his 15 minutes of fame.

However, Santos seems to be embracing this new influencer-esque role. He has been active on social media, taking shots at other New York representatives and teasing collaborations with prominent comedians. It remains to be seen whether Santos will use his newfound memeability to further his political career or if he is content with a second act as an online personality.

A Familiar Story of Redemption

With figures like Santos, there seems to be a pattern of public fascination and even sympathy for convicted grifters who have experienced a fall from grace. Examples such as Anna “Delvey” Sorokin and Elizabeth Holmes, who have been portrayed sympathetically in media portrayals of their scams, show that cultural relevance can overshadow past misdeeds.

HBO recently optioned the rights to a book about Santos, titled “The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos.” The interest in his story, along with the popularity of online platforms like Cameo, demonstrates the changing dynamics of fame and redemption in the digital age.

While Santos’ future remains uncertain, one thing is clear – his presence in the spotlight, whether through politics or online entertainment, is likely to persist for the foreseeable future.

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