Gemini On Android Fails To Recognize Songs, Frustrating Users


If it wasn’t clear before that Google’s Gemini chatbot was rushed out the door, it is now. Gemini’s since-removed image generator put people of color in Nazi-era uniforms. The chatbot’s commentary continues to tend toward the absurd besides, like equating Hitler’s record with Elon Musk posting memes.

Key Takeaway

Gemini on Android is facing criticism for its inability to recognize songs, causing frustration among users who relied on Google Assistant for this feature. The issue has significantly impacted the user experience, prompting concerns about the effectiveness of Gemini as a substitute for Google Assistant on Android.

Gemini’s Song Recognition Issue on Android

Gemini on Android has been reported to have a frustrating issue with song recognition. Users have expressed their disappointment as Gemini fails to perform the basic task of identifying songs, which was previously handled by Google Assistant.

I mostly use Gemini on my aging Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, which isn’t exactly the zippiest Android smartphone out there. To make it snappier, I replaced the default home screen with a minimalist alternative, Niagara Launcher, which is essentially an alphabetized list of the apps installed on my phone. Niagara’s great. But it’s limited in what it can do by design, which made me dependent on Google Assistant — now Gemini — for tasks like setting timers, launching apps and so on.

Impact on User Experience

Users have reported that the inability of Gemini to recognize songs has significantly impacted their overall experience. The convenience of using Google Assistant for song recognition, especially in public places like nightclubs and restaurants, has been sorely missed.

Ask Gemini, which replaces Google Assistant on Android, to ID a song and it has the nerve to suggest using apps like Shazam — or invoking Google Assistant by switching back to it. For added variety, it’ll occasionally suggest random songs from YouTube.

Challenges with Alternative Solutions

While there are alternative methods to identify songs, such as using the Google Search app on Android or placing a dedicated song ID shortcut on the home screen, users have expressed that the seamless voice command feature of Google Assistant was a significant advantage.


Despite the promise of a more sophisticated experience with the Google One AI Premium Plan, users have found Gemini to be a poor substitute for Google Assistant on Android due to its broken song recognition and missing basic features. The frustration among users has prompted inquiries to Google, and users are eagerly awaiting a resolution to this issue.

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