Front Launches Integrated Knowledge Base And Enhances Customer Support Platform


Front, the customer operations platform renowned for its unified inbox, is expanding its capabilities with the introduction of a Zendesk-style knowledge base. At a virtual event called Frontlines, Front co-founder and CEO Mathilde Collin highlighted the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer support, emphasizing how it can drive productivity enhancements and enable teams to focus on more complex cases.

Key Takeaway

Front’s integration of a knowledge base within its customer operations platform aims to enhance customer support by facilitating easy access to relevant information. By incorporating AI capabilities, Front can automate responses and enable teams to focus on more complex cases, thereby increasing overall efficiency.

Improving Efficiency with AI

Collin acknowledges the challenges faced by customer service teams, who are under pressure to do more with limited resources. However, she believes that AI offers a solution by automating repetitive tasks, allowing teams to dedicate their time to handling intricate situations. With AI, customer service will no longer be dominated by repetitive question-and-answer interactions, but rather, teams will be able to concentrate on resolving complex queries.

Traditionally, legacy platforms like Zendesk or Freshdesk were designed for high-volume transactional service, often neglecting the importance of collaboration for effective ticket resolution. Collin argues that businesses need a comprehensive customer support platform that can unify all customer-facing teams and functions.

An Integrated Knowledge Base for Enhanced Support

As part of its latest updates, Front has introduced an integrated knowledge base within its platform. The knowledge base allows customers to easily access relevant information, similar to other customer support knowledge bases. However, the true value lies in Front’s approach to seamlessly integrating this feature within its existing platform.

Front Head of Product Maya Eichler emphasized the benefits of having a wide range of functionalities under one roof. Customers can avoid managing multiple vendors and gain immediate access to a ready-to-use knowledge base upon publication. Furthermore, by migrating their knowledge base to Front, businesses can tap into the potential of AI. By combining the knowledge base with chatbots, Front can leverage AI to generate automated responses, resolving live chat inquiries without any human intervention.

Currently available in limited beta, the integrated knowledge base is expected to be accessible to all Front customers in the coming months.

Other Noteworthy Updates

In addition to the knowledge base, Front also unveiled several other features. These include native WhatsApp integration, an enhanced chatbot workflow editor, automatic tagging based on conversation content, updated analytics data, and the ability to access information on orders, reservations, or shipments directly within Front. Front Head of Design Maggie Lamas also teased a new time-off planner that supports local holidays. With 8,000 customers, Front continues to expand its offerings to provide an all-in-one customer operations platform.

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