French VC Firm Founders Future Raises $80 Million In First Close For New Funds


Founders Future, a prominent venture capital firm in France, has successfully reached an $80 million first close in its efforts to raise funds for two new investment vehicles, namely Founders Future II and Founders Future Expansion. Led by renowned serial entrepreneur Marc Menasé, the firm has rapidly made a name for itself in the French tech scene, boasting an impressive portfolio of around 100 tech startups, including Lydia, Yuka, and Memo Bank, among others.

Key Takeaway

French VC firm Founders Future has raised $80 million in the first close of its new funds, Founders Future II and Founders Future Expansion. The firm’s portfolio of tech startups has collectively generated $268 million in revenue and has a total valuation of $5.4 billion. Founders Future aims to invest in disruptive companies across various industries and is particularly interested in innovators in AI, climate, and circular economy sectors.

Building a Strong Portfolio with Impressive Metrics

Founders Future has not only focused on building a diverse and promising portfolio, but it has also achieved significant success and growth. The startups backed by the firm have generated a substantial $268 million (€250 million) in revenue and collectively raised an impressive $644 million (€600 million). The portfolio’s valuation currently stands at an astounding $5.4 billion (€5 billion), and the companies supported by Founders Future employ a total of 3,000 individuals.

Continued Investments and Focus on Disruption

With its latest fundraising efforts, Founders Future aims to raise up to $162 million (€150 million). Founders Future II, primarily focused on seed-stage investments, will receive 60% of the raised amount, while the remaining 40% will be dedicated to Founders Future Expansion, which will focus on post-Series A rounds for existing portfolio companies.

Unlike many other VC firms, Founders Future does not limit itself to a specific vertical. Instead, it seeks to identify and support disruptive companies across well-established industries such as retail, banking, insurance, food, real estate, and healthcare. Moreover, the firm expresses a particular interest in startups in the realms of artificial intelligence, climate innovation, and the circular economy.

A Strategic Approach to Investment

Founders Future plans to deploy its funds strategically, investing in 45 to 60 startups with Founders Future II, equivalent to around 12 to 15 investments per year. Founders Future Expansion, with a focus on later-stage investment rounds, will support approximately 15 to 20 companies throughout the fund’s duration. Funding at the seed level will range from €250,000 to €3 million, while larger checks ranging from €1 million to €7.5 million will be allocated to later-stage companies.

With its recent milestone, Founders Future is well-positioned to continue supporting and nurturing promising startups, driving innovation, and contributing to the thriving French tech ecosystem.

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