Foundry Announces Closure Of Venture Capital Fund


Foundry Ventures, a prominent player in the venture capital space, has announced that it will not be raising another fund after its current $500 million vehicle. This decision marks a significant shift in the direction of venture capital and has sparked discussions about the future of the industry.

Key Takeaway

Foundry Ventures’ decision not to raise another fund after its current $500 million vehicle signals a significant shift in the venture capital landscape, prompting discussions about the future direction of the industry.

Deals of the Week

Rasa’s $30 million Series C funding for a conversational GenAI product and Hippo Harvest’s $21 million fundraise for indoor robot farming have been making waves in the tech investment landscape. These developments reflect the ongoing innovation and investment in cutting-edge technologies.

Venture Capital’s Year of Transition

The recent decisions by OpenView and Countdown Capital, along with Foundry Ventures’ announcement, indicate a period of transition in the venture capital ecosystem. These events raise questions about the evolving nature of venture capital and its future trajectory.

YC’s New Call for Startups

Y Combinator, a renowned startup accelerator, has put out a new request for startups list, drawing attention from the startup community. The proposed updates from YC, including its focus on spatial computing, have generated discussions about the potential impact on the startup landscape.

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