Blockchain Capital Launches New Funds To The Tune Of $580 Million


Blockchain Capital, a leading venture capital firm in the crypto space, has announced the closure of two new funds, raising a total of $580 million. This comes despite the ongoing bear market in the cryptocurrency industry but reflects the continued confidence in blockchain technology and its potential for innovation and growth.

Key Takeaway

Blockchain Capital has raised $580 million for two new funds, consolidating its position as a leading venture capital firm in the crypto space. The funds will focus on six key sectors within the blockchain industry and allow the firm to continue its core investment strategy while also capitalizing on missed opportunities. Blockchain Capital’s strategic approach to fund size and leading funding rounds demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a focused and long-term vision in the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology.

New Funds Allocated for Early-Stage Investments and Opportunities

According to Spencer Bogart, the general partner of Blockchain Capital, the two funds consist of a sixth early-stage fund and the firm’s first “opportunity fund.” Approximately two-thirds of the $580 million will be allocated to the early-stage fund, while the remaining one-third will be dedicated to the opportunity fund. This structure allows Blockchain Capital to continue its core investment strategy while also seizing missed opportunities in the market.

Focused Approach on Six Key Sectors

Blockchain Capital’s investment strategy remains focused on six sectors within the blockchain industry. These sectors include decentralized finance, centralized finance, centralized infrastructure, decentralized infrastructure, gaming, and consumer/social. By targeting specific areas of development, the firm aims to support projects that have the potential to drive meaningful advancements in the blockchain space.

A Savvy Approach to Fund Size and LPs

While considering the size of the funds, Bogart highlighted the challenges of managing a $2 billion fund in the current climate. He emphasized the importance of maintaining high conviction investments while also ensuring sufficient room for growth. Blockchain Capital’s limited partners (LPs) fall into two categories: strategic LPs and long-term committed capital. Strategic LPs such as Visa and PayPal play an active role in the firm’s investment decisions, leveraging Blockchain Capital’s expertise to identify potential partners and opportunities.

Opportunity Fund for Missed Investments

The newly introduced opportunity fund provides Blockchain Capital with additional flexibility to invest in projects it may have missed during their early stages. This allows the firm to capitalize on opportunities that align with its long-term vision and investment philosophy.

Strategic Shift in Leading Funding Rounds

Blockchain Capital has undergone a strategic shift and now leads “most” of the investment rounds it participates in. This means the firm commits over 50% of the funding rounds, sets the pricing and terms, and takes an active role on the board. This shift enables Blockchain Capital to increase its fund sizes, exercise governance oversight, and explore more allocation opportunities.

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