Fortnite Maker Epic Games Prevails In Antitrust Battle Against Google


Fortnite maker Epic Games has emerged victorious in its legal tussle with tech giant Google. The San Francisco jury’s swift decision in favor of Epic Games marks a significant blow to Google’s business model, which involves hosting app stores and taking a share of developer revenues. However, the implications of this ruling for app developers in the near future remain uncertain until the judge finalizes the penalty for Google’s anticompetitive behavior.

Key Takeaway

The verdict in favor of Epic Games against Google has the potential to impact the app store business model and may lead to changes in the mobile app ecosystem.

Implications of the Ruling

The jury’s determination of Google’s liability is a significant development, but the final decision on the remedy lies with the judge. Until the court’s ruling on the penalty, Google is unlikely to make substantial changes to its Google Play Store. This means that developers will continue to operate under the existing rules, including paying commissions, with any increased costs potentially being passed on to consumers.

Future Outlook for App Developers

As the case enters its remedial phase, the specifics of how Google will need to adjust its operations to address anticompetitive behavior are yet to be determined. The court’s decision may impact the walled garden business model of companies like Google and Apple, potentially leading to a reconsideration of their business operations.

Broader Ramifications

The ruling in favor of Epic Games could have implications for other companies with similar business models. It may prompt a reevaluation of the app store business model and lead to potential changes in the mobile app ecosystem as a whole.

Legislative Impact

Additionally, the decision in the Epic Games vs. Google case may influence upcoming legislation in various markets, such as Europe’s Digital Market Act and the U.K.’s Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill. These regulatory developments could further shape the landscape of the app economy.

Overall, the outcome of the antitrust battle between Epic Games and Google has the potential to bring about significant changes in the mobile app ecosystem and app store business model, with broader implications for the tech industry as a whole.

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