Fidelity National Financial Suffers Cybersecurity Incident, Shuts Down Network


Fidelity National Financial (FNF), a leading Fortune 500 company in the title insurance and settlement services industry, has recently disclosed that it has fallen victim to a cybersecurity incident. As a result, the company took immediate action to shut down its network and implement measures to contain the breach.

Key Takeaway

Fidelity National Financial, a prominent player in the title insurance and settlement services industry, has experienced a cybersecurity incident that led to the unauthorized access of their systems. As a precautionary measure, FNF has shut down its network to contain the breach. An investigation is underway to determine the full extent of the incident. This disruption has impacted services related to title insurance, escrow, and mortgage transactions, causing temporary disruptions in the real estate market.

Investigation and Response

FNF has launched a thorough investigation into the incident and has enlisted the assistance of renowned cybersecurity experts. The company has also reported the breach to law enforcement agencies and has taken steps to assess and mitigate the impact of the incident.

While FNF has implemented various containment measures, the necessary blocking of access to certain systems has caused disruptions to its business operations. This disruption primarily affects services related to title insurance, escrow, other title-related services, and mortgage transactions.

The Unauthorized Access

According to FNF’s preliminary findings, an unauthorized third party successfully gained access to specific FNF systems and acquired certain credentials. The investigation into the breach is ongoing, and FNF is diligently working towards a resolution.

Real Estate News has reported that the breach has resulted in the interruption of scheduled closings, leaving agents and homebuyers in a state of uncertainty. Until Sunday, when the systems are expected to be available again, affected parties have been forced to seek alternative solutions.

Network Shutdown and Scrubbing Servers

An individual claiming to work for a company affiliated with Fidelity Financial Services shared that FNF decided to take the drastic step of shutting down their network, systems, and even email in an effort to prevent any further issues. This measure included scrubbing their servers in Jacksonville.

Another source, working in IT for a company utilizing FNF’s services, revealed that FNF’s operations seemed to be entirely locked up as a result of the incident.

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