Disney And Epic Games Join Forces To Create A Disney-Flavored Metaverse In Fortnite


We may not be using the M word much these days, but the race to build an interconnected avatar-driven virtual world didn’t take the last year off. The metaverse, a tech buzzword sandwiched in between the hype eras of NFTs and AI, is still being built, regardless of what we’re calling it. And in light of news this week, one company is increasingly positioned to dominate the near future.

Key Takeaway

The collaboration between Disney and Epic Games to create a Disney-flavored metaverse within Fortnite marks a significant step in the evolution of virtual worlds, offering new opportunities for both companies and players alike.

Epic Games and Disney Collaboration

Epic Games and Disney have announced a collaboration to design an “entertainment universe” together, incorporating Disney-themed games and experiences into Epic’s Fortnite social gaming ecosystem. This multiyear project will leverage Epic’s technology and Fortnite’s expansive reach to bring Disney’s beloved characters to life in the virtual world. Disney’s investment of $1.5 billion in Epic further solidifies this partnership.

The Evolution of Fortnite

Fortnite, known for its third-person shooter gameplay, has evolved into a massive online social ecosystem. The game’s popularity has surged, with 100 million people logging in last November. Epic has been expanding Fortnite into a platform or marketplace, evident from its psychedelic seasonal events, concerts, and user-generated sandbox worlds. The recent collaboration with Disney takes this evolution to a whole new level.

Disney’s Strategic Move

Disney’s partnership with Epic Games signifies its need for a seamless online multiplayer gaming platform, an area where Epic excels. This collaboration allows Disney to tap into Fortnite’s 100 million monthly players without needing to build a player base from scratch. Additionally, it opens up new avenues for Fortnite to attract a wider audience, including women and families, through Disney-themed offerings.

The Potential of the Collaboration

The collaboration between Disney and Epic Games holds immense potential for both companies. With Fortnite’s free-to-play model and in-game purchases, the integration of Disney-owned franchises like Star Wars and Marvel is expected to drive significant engagement and revenue. This partnership not only benefits both companies financially but also enhances the overall gaming experience for players.

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