Notion Expands Privacy-Focused Offerings With Skiff Acquisition


Notion, the popular productivity platform, has made a significant move to enhance its privacy-focused features by acquiring Skiff, a platform known for its end-to-end encrypted file storage, docs, calendar events, and email. This acquisition marks a strategic step for Notion in catering to users who prioritize privacy and security in their digital workflows.

Key Takeaway

Notion’s acquisition of Skiff signifies a pivotal step in bolstering its privacy-focused features, reflecting the company’s dedication to providing versatile and secure productivity solutions for its users.

Skiff: A Brief Overview

Skiff, founded in 2020 by Andrew Milich and Jason Ginsberg, has garnered attention and support from notable investors such as Sequoia Capital, Alphabet chairman John Hennessy, former Yahoo chief executive Jerry Yang, and Eventbrite co-founders Julia and Kevin Hartz, among others. The platform gained recognition for its commitment to providing secure alternatives to mainstream productivity tools, with a strong emphasis on privacy.

Notion’s Recognition of Skiff’s Potential

In a conversation with Skiff’s co-founders, Notion’s COO Akshay Kothari expressed the company’s longstanding interest in Skiff’s offerings. Kothari highlighted the meticulous attention to detail in Skiff’s products, which resonated with Notion’s vision for empowering users with versatile and secure productivity solutions.

Skiff’s Integration with Notion

Following the acquisition, Skiff announced its integration with Notion, signaling a transition for its existing user base. While Skiff’s standalone product will be discontinued after six months, the company has assured users of a seamless process to export or migrate their data to alternative services. It’s important to note that Skiff user accounts will not be automatically converted to Notion accounts, emphasizing the need for users to manage their data in accordance with their preferences.

Notion’s Strategic Acquisitions

Notion’s acquisition of Skiff follows its previous strategic moves, including the integration of workflow management tool Flowdash in 2022 and the acquisitions of Cron and India-based These endeavors underscore Notion’s commitment to expanding its capabilities and offerings to meet the evolving needs of its user base.

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