Diem: The Social Search Engine For Women And Non-Binary Individuals


A startup called Diem is on a mission to address the issue of “search engine gender bias” by providing a social search engine tailored to the needs of women and non-binary individuals. The platform offers a safe space for sharing personal stories and seeking advice on a wide range of topics, from sexual health to mental well-being.

Key Takeaway

Diem is revolutionizing the search experience by providing a supportive and inclusive platform for women and non-binary individuals to seek information and share personal stories in a safe and empowering environment.

Revolutionizing Search Experience

Diem, available as a web app and on iOS and Android devices, aims to create a supportive environment akin to a global group chat. Users can engage in open discussions about sensitive subjects, with the option to post questions anonymously. The platform also leverages AI to curate responses from reputable sources, ensuring that the information is presented through “a feminine lens.”

Empowering Features

The startup recently introduced several features, including “Nominate Your Friends,” which allows users to invite friends to participate in discussions, and “Spaces,” micro-communities focused on specific interests. Additionally, Diem has partnered with verified content providers in the reproductive health space to offer trusted information.

Future Innovations

Diem is set to roll out new features such as “Recommended Reading,” an AI-powered tool for discovering trending news articles, and an event feature for hosting in-person community events. The company also plans to introduce a monetization feature to compensate users for their content contributions.

Founding Vision

Founded by Emma Bates and Divia Singh, Diem is the brainchild of Bates’ personal experience. Bates, the CEO, was inspired to create the platform after encountering challenges while seeking information about the morning-after pill. The company has received funding from notable investors and is poised for further growth and innovation.

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