New Safe Haven For Women: Communia’s Mission To Redefine Social Media


Amidst the unforgiving landscape of the internet, where harassment and abuse against women are all too common, Olivia Deramus saw a need for change. Motivated by her own experiences with the pitfalls of social media, Deramus embarked on a mission to create a digital safe space for women. This vision gave birth to Communia, an online social network exclusively for those who identify as women.

Key Takeaway

Communia offers a safe and empowering social network specifically designed for women, aiming to redefine the concept of online connection and provide a platform free from harassment and abuse.

Communia, which launched its beta version in 2020, has been gaining traction with over 100,000 downloads and is now poised for further growth. Recognizing the potential in attracting venture capital funding, Deramus seeks to scale the platform to reach even more users who crave genuine connection and meaningful interactions.

Crafting a New Social Wellness Product

Communia sets itself apart by combining features from popular social media platforms, allowing users to create private blog-style journal entries reminiscent of Tumblr or share impulsive public posts like X. Beyond simple social networking, the platform also offers self-care and wellness tools, including mood tracking, self-development resources, and community groups that foster organized and nuanced conversations.

This combined approach creates a comprehensive social wellness product, filling a void that traditional social media platforms fail to address. By providing a beneficial cycle of social connection, Communia aims to facilitate meaningful interactions that go beyond posturing and superficial engagement.

A Safe Haven for Gender Marginalized Communities

While Communia allows cisgender-identifying men on the platform, it primarily caters to marginalized genders. Deramus explains that there is a pressing need for a space that allows conversations often made difficult by cis men, who are often the perpetrators of harassment and abuse. By prioritizing the experiences of women, non-binary individuals, and trans people, Communia strives to create an inclusive environment that offers respite from online toxicity.

Deramus emphasizes the role of content moderation on the platform, recognizing that other platforms often fall short in this regard. Community care officers, alongside an AI verification system, ensure that users undergo an identity check administered by a human before they can interact with others. This approach enables Communia to handle the nuances of the non-binary and trans experiences while maintaining inclusive and safe spaces.

Building Resilience in the Face of Challenges

Deramus’s journey to the Battlefield competition has not been without obstacles. Two years into the company’s establishment, she faced a cease and desist letter from a larger and more powerful entity. Undeterred, she made the difficult decision to rebrand the company, renaming it Communia, reflecting its purpose as a community support app.

Looking forward, Deramus seeks to connect with investors and further scale Communia. As existing social media giants face challenges and uncertainties, the space is ripe for change. Communia aims to fill this void, bringing back genuine and encouraging connections to social media users, particularly the 55% of women who feel they cannot be their authentic selves online. Ultimately, Communia seeks to redefine the very essence of what it means to be a social network.

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