How Data Can Drive Social Impact Investing: Insights From Pivotal Ventures


Erin Harkless Moore, an experienced investment advisor and now part of Melinda French Gates’ Pivotal Ventures, has been driving the firm’s investment strategy focused on social impact. With a $1 billion commitment from French Gates, Pivotal Ventures employs a data-focused approach to investing, aiming to position more women, particularly women of color, in decision-making roles.

Key Takeaway

Pivotal Ventures, led by Erin Harkless Moore, is driving social impact investing with a data-focused approach. By leveraging data, the firm aims to position more women, especially women of color, in decision-making roles and invest in areas like the care economy. With a commitment of

billion, Pivotal Ventures combines finance, technology, and advocacy to create a more inclusive society.

The Intersection of Finance and Social Impact

Harkless Moore’s journey began on Wall Street, where she worked for almost two decades. While the fast-paced environment was exciting, she sought a new opportunity that combined her passion for finance with a mission of creating social impact. Her interests aligned perfectly with Pivotal Ventures’ vision, and she joined the firm three years ago as an investment advisor.

Pivotal Ventures, as a part-venture fund and part-philanthropic organization, utilizes grants, partnerships, advocacy strategies, and investments to support founders and nonprofits. The firm focuses on promoting diversity, gender equality, and women’s empowerment through strategic investments.

A Data-Driven Approach to Impact Investing

Pivotal Ventures recognizes the power of data to drive social impact investing. By leveraging data, the firm can identify investment opportunities that align with their mission and create meaningful change. One of their major areas of focus is the care economy, a $648 billion market that holds immense potential for innovation.

In addition to direct investments in companies like Ellevest, OndeCare, and Tia, Pivotal Ventures also acts as a limited partner in funds such as Magnify Ventures and Leadout Capital. By supporting emerging funds, Pivotal Ventures helps them scale and expand their impact.

Utilizing Technology to Overcome Government Limitations

Harkless Moore believes that technology can play a crucial role in driving social impact, especially in areas where the government falls short. Through advancements in technology, Pivotal Ventures aims to address societal challenges and support women in achieving a better work-life balance.

One key aspect of Pivotal Ventures’ strategy is advocating for federal paid family leave, as well as encouraging more women to study entrepreneurship and supporting women in public offices. By combining data-driven investing and technology, the firm hopes to create a more inclusive and equal society.

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