DevSecOps Trends: Embracing AI In Software Development


AI’s role in software development is reaching a critical juncture, compelling organizations and DevSecOps leaders to proactively advocate for responsible AI utilization. It is essential for developers and the wider DevSecOps community to prepare for four global trends in AI, including increased use in code testing, ongoing threats to IP ownership and privacy, a rise in AI bias, and an increased reliance on AI technologies.

Key Takeaway

AI’s role in software development is evolving rapidly, and organizations need to embrace AI across all industries to stay competitive in the AI-driven marketplace.

AI Becoming Standard Across Industries

Organizations are transitioning from viewing AI as a luxury to considering it a standard element across all industries. The integration of AI will become commonplace, leveraging DevSecOps to build AI functionality alongside the software that will utilize it. With more than two-thirds of businesses expected to embed AI capabilities within their offerings by the end of 2024, organizations are evolving from experimenting with AI to becoming AI-centric.

Preparing for AI Integration

To prepare for this shift, organizations must invest in revising software development governance and emphasizing continuous learning and adaptation in AI technologies. This cultural and strategic shift requires rethinking business processes, product development, and customer engagement strategies. DevSecOps teams express the need for more training on how to use AI effectively, as highlighted in the latest Global DevSecOps Report.

Ethical Implications and Societal Impacts

As AI becomes more integral to business operations, companies will need to navigate the ethical implications and societal impacts of their AI-driven solutions. It is crucial to ensure that AI contributes positively to customers and communities.

AI Dominating Code-Testing Workflows

In the evolving landscape, AI is expected to dominate code-testing workflows, further emphasizing the need for organizations to adapt and integrate AI effectively within their DevSecOps practices.

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